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Summer Heat is On!

Posted by Dustin Biery on July 12, 2010 at 9:49 AM

Hey everyone, things around the house are getting out of control.  Last week we had record rainfalls for the month of July.  This week, the heat has been increasing and the yard is out of control.  Really in need to get the pasture bush-hogged and the lawn mowed.  Birds are doing well.  Most of them are foraging during the day and seemingly enjoy being under foot.  For birds that dont seem to enjoy being handled, they sure enjoy my presence. 


Hatching this year has been awful.  I really didn't try to hatch that many due to space restrictions, but those I did didn't fair too well.  I had some shipped eggs go into the bator and I missed a hairline fracture in one of them.  So, needless to say, while I was away for work, I had a bacterial problem running rampant in my incubator, rendering most of the eggs absolutely useless.  Hoping that the fall will bring me better results. 


Had a hen go missing over the weekend.  My fingers are crossed that she has a nest somewhere and will appear with chicks in tow in the next few weeks, but I am well aware that there could be other probabilities.  Check back later to see what kind of updates are posted.

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