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About Me

About Me

I rasie all types of gamefowl.

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Donita Biery

Dustin Biery
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Julie Rountree
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About Me

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About Me

53 years old
About Me

am a heating anc cooling contractor,married with twin girls,raise gamedirds as a hobby,have 25 males penned up and abouy the same amout of females. want to raise asils,to show and maybe blend with my birds,anyway let me know when you might have some for sale. i like the smaller ,daqrk red black brested.     happy holidays, lopez fam..

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Rare Chickens for Show
About Me

I am always looking for new and Rare Chickens to put on my farm for show and for breeding to give every body a chance to have a rare breed of chicken around me

Simon Ting
About Me


         Thanks. I'm working as a Assistant Medical Officer in a Government Health Instituition. My hobby is keeping chicken(local imported breed) and a few asils which are about 5 to 7 months old. I keep fighting cocks too and I do sell them if the price is right. Some of the  stags are scaless at the legs. Freak of nature!

        That's so much about me for this mail. I'm keen to get in touch with any one to share the subject of chicken rearing, especially fighting cocks!




About Me

Virginia born and Virginia bred, when I die, I'll be Virginia dead!